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With custom vehicle decals, lettering, or full & partial wraps you can turn any car, truck, van, or trailer into a moving advertisement, increasing brand awareness wherever you go!


Large printed vinyl layer that is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle for a full or partial wrap.


Smaller vinyl graphics applied directly to the vehicles’ paint or windows, often as a logo or promotional image.


Vinyl lettering applied directly to the vehicles’ paint or windows, often displaying a name, phone number, or website.

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More Than Just Vehicles

Did you know that vinyl decals and wraps can be used on a wide variety of surface materials allowing you to customize almost anything.
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Vehicle Wrapping in the Niagara Region: Impact Promotions Can Wrap Any Fleet

Whether you manage a single vehicle or an entire fleet, Impact Promotions is your premier choice for expert vehicle wrapping services in the Niagara Region. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in a range of promotional products and graphic design solutions, ensuring your vehicle stands out with high-quality wraps.

Located in Thorold, Ontario, at the core of the Niagara Region, Impact Promotions is ideally situated to serve businesses throughout the area, including St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, and Grimsby. Whether your operations are centered in Thorold or any neighboring community, our skilled team is ready to elevate your vehicle’s appearance with our exceptional wrapping services.


Professional Vehicle Wrapping for All Vehicle Types

Regardless of the size, make or model of your vehicle, Impact Promotions has the talent to fully wrap it. Their expert installers have applied vehicle wraps to everything from small passenger cars to large transport trucks. Some of the most popular vehicle types they wrap include:

  • Cars: Sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, etc. Vehicle wraps can turn any car into a highly visible mobile billboard.

  • SUVs: With their large surface areas, SUVs are perfect for displaying advertisements, logos or other branding graphics.

  • Vans: Whether cargo vans or passenger vans, Impact Promotions has the solutions to transform your fleet.

  • Pickup Trucks: From fleet work trucks to personal use trucks, get your logo up high with a pickup truck wrap.

  • Box Trucks: Large formats ideal for promotions, Impact Promotions can wrap box trucks inside and out.

  • Transport Trucks: No wrap job too big, they’ve wrapped semi-trucks, transport trailers and more.

With experience wrapping it all, Impact Promotions eliminates constraints on vehicle type. They make it possible to promote your brand on any vehicle in your fleet.

Vehicle Wrapping for Fleets of All Sizes

While Impact Promotions helps various individual vehicle owners with wraps, their specialty is assisting businesses with large commercial vehicle fleets. Whether you have 2 vehicles or 200, they have the skills and resources to wrap an entire fleet for you. Some examples of the kinds of fleets they’ve worked with include:

  • Delivery Fleets: Food/package delivery, courier services, etc. High visibility and branding for your fleet.

  • Service Fleets: Plumbers, electricians, landscapers, any professional service.

  • Transportation Fleets: Charter buses, shuttle services, limos/towncars, etc.

  • Government/Municipal Fleets: Fire trucks, ambulances, utility vehicles and more.

  • Agricultural/Industrial Fleets: Everything from tractors to heavy machinery.

With a large team of expert vehicle wrappers, Impact Promotions can handle any sized fleet for you. They understand the need to cohesively brand multiple vehicles at once.

Exceptional Vehicle Wrapping Throughout the Niagara Region

As the go-to vehicle wrapping company based in Thorold and serving all of Niagara, Impact Promotions demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to quality and customer service. Here’s what makes them the top choice for vehicle wraps:

Quality Materials – They only use premium cast/calendared vinyl films engineered for automotive applications. Films are guaranteed for 5+ years of durability.

Professional Installation – Our installers have extensive training and follow strict procedures to avoid damage and ensure long-lasting results.

Attention to Detail – Wraps are cleanly cut and wrapped smoothly to follow body lines perfectly. They take extra care around badging, trimming and other delicate areas.

Fast Turnarounds – Whether a single vehicle or a fleet job, Impact Promotions aims to complete wraps quickly to minimize vehicle downtime.

Expert Design Support – Their in-house graphic designers help bring your brand vision to the wrap with vibrant, custom designs made specifically for vehicle applications.

When it comes to getting the absolute best high-quality vehicle wraps with phenomenal service, there is simply no better choice in the Niagara Region than Impact Promotions. See why they are a top choice for fleets and individual vehicle owners alike in St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara Falls and all surrounding areas.

Cost-Effective Mobile Advertising & Branding

Compared to traditional print or digital advertising methods, vehicle wrapping offers incredible value and return on investment. Not only do wraps promote your brand 24/7 on vehicles that travel throughout communities daily, but well-designed wraps can also stand out much more than basic signage. On top of delivering an impactful mobile billboard, vehicle wrapping from Impact Promotions provides these ROI-boosting benefits:

  • Low Cost Per Impression – With vehicles on the road constantly, wraps deliver thousands of impressions daily at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

  • Tangible Metrics – Tracking views is easy since vehicles move about in real life vs virtual spaces. You know your wrap is working hard around Niagara.

  • Mobile Storefront – Promote products/services, phone numbers, websites and more right to potential customers wherever vehicles travel in Niagara Falls, Welland, Grimsby and beyond.

  • Brand Loyalty – Seeing your business name and colors routinely builds familiarity that earns customer loyalty over the long-run.

When maximizing visibility for your marketing dollars is crucial, there is no better option for fleets than vehicle wrapping services from Impact Promotions serving the entire Niagara Region. Committed to superior design, installation and longevity, they ensure your wraps deliver an excellent ROI.

Detailed Vehicle Wrapping Throughout the Entire Process

Whether starting from a blank canvas or updating existing graphics, Impact Promotions handles every step of the vehicle wrapping process with the utmost attention to quality:

Creative Design – Their in-house graphic designers work closely with clients to understand goals and brand and then conceptualize irresistible, form-fitting vinyl wraps.

Vinyl Material Selection – Choosing from various precut films, they match the ideal film type and textures for any vehicle and intended usage.

Vehicle Prep – Technicians thoroughly clean and prep surfaces to provide a smooth, wrap-friendly environment onsite in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and beyond.

Installing Graphics – Utilizing years of experience and training, their certified installers precisely cut, position and apply graphics without damaging vehicles.

Finishing Touches – Wraps are smoothed, trimmed and finished to look factory-fitted with colors that pop against any background on the roadways of Niagara Region cities.

Inspections – Quality assurance checks ensure pixel-perfect installations and 100% customer satisfaction before vehicles leave their shop in Thorold.

Delivering Results – Impact Promotions gets fleets on the road again quickly to maximize the mobile marketing impact across all local communities.

With every step meticulously planned and executed, Impact Promotions guarantees fully-wrapped vehicles that showcase any brand to its absolute best potential throughout Niagara Region cities like Grimsby, Lincoln, Pelham and beyond.

Vehicle Wrapping is a Smart Investment Across Niagara

Regardless of where your Niagara Region-based business is located – whether Niagara Falls, Welland, Thorold or any other community – vehicle wrapping offers a highly effective return through constant brand exposure. And with Impact Promotions’ experience and professional service, you gain peace of mind that the investment is in very capable hands.

Some of the impressive returns specific fleets and vehicle owners have reported from Impact Promotions wraps include:

  • Increased website traffic and contact form submissions originating from local regions
  • Upticks in social media mentions and followers from communities like St. Catharines and Grimsby
  • Higher quote conversion rates from potential clients routinely seeing vehicles
  • New partnership or sponsorship opportunities stemming from brand awareness
  • Employee, vendor and customer satisfaction from riding in well-wrapped vehicles
  • Multi-year wraps that continuously promote over extended timelines

By standardizing your fleet’s look with custom digital-quality graphics, Impact Promotions helps maximize your mobile marketing ROI across diverse regions like Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls and surrounding Niagara municipalities. Trust them to apply your dream vehicle wraps and start achieving tangible results for years to come.

Contact the Vehicle Wrapping Experts Serving the Niagara Region

For superior vehicle wrapping solutions to take your branding mobile throughout the Niagara Region, look no further than Impact Promotions. As the proven leader headquartered in Thorold with convenient locations across Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and beyond, they are ready to bring any vision to life on wheels.


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