Like many event organizations, the West Coast Tech and Investment Summit relied on the support of their sponsors to fund valuable education and networking sessions for members and attendees.

Their goal was to help eliminate confusion of the dozens of different sponsorship

packages and simplify them into six di erent levels. Writing instruments were always highly sought after, but decorating more than one logo was thought to be virtually impossible. Without the co-branding capabilities, insertion into a sponsorship package became a challenge.

  • Since many of the conference attendees were C- and VP-level executives and investors; quality and future usability were important. The team chose the Elite Metallic w/Stylus due to its large imprint area, sleek design, stylus and super smooth EverSmooth® writing ink.
  • The pen was perfect to replicate the graphics and theme of the event as well as add the logos for the ve sponsors at the chosen sponsorship level.
  • 82% of consumers agree that their impression of a brand positively changed as a direct result of receiving a promotional product.* The team recognized the importance of promotional products and supporting their sponsors with positive, lasting impressions.

*Source: ASI Impressions Study 2016